Keita Ibuki








Professional Status




Freelance Computer Programmer (manga)
High School Student (anime)



Personal Status


Married to Akane


Mother (Deceased)

First Appearance

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice

Daisuke Namikawa

English Voice

Jason Griffith

The main protagonist of Kurokami. As a child, he and his mother met a person who looked exactly like her. The next day, she died. Years later, he is a struggling video game programmer. One day, at a ramen house, he met Kuro, offered her food and their story began there. He does not appear to be aware of Akane's feelings for him, though in an anime, he accepts Akane's feelings and eventually marries her. In the anime, Keita is portrayed as an ordinary high school student. Unlike his manga counterpart, he is neither extremely arrogant nor openly antagonistic of Kuro. He does not physically assault her either to express his displeasure and finally, unlike his manga counterpart, Kuro trades their hearts, not their arms, when forming a contract. He is a Sub (substitute) in the anime, while in the manga he is initially a typical human with two doppeliners out there, none of whom have met. After having two crests on his hands, he escaped the fate of dying after meeting his root. In the final episode, Keita is shown to have grandchildren and dies of old age after several decades have passed. Kuro thanks him and wishes him to rest in peace.

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